For water testing & chemical sales

Bring us a water sample

Just bring in a 500ml sample of your pool or spa water to our store at 289 Mazengarb Road, Paraparaumu where our friendly staff will test it for you, and let you know what your pool or spa needs to keep it clear, clean and safe.

How do I take a sample?

With the pump operating, using a clean 500ml bottle take a sample from below the surface and away from any jets or water outlets. Bring it into us, if you are a first time customer you’ll need to tell us:

  • Volume of the Pool/Spa (estimate if not known length x width x average depth)
  • Surface of Pool/Spa (fibreglass, concrete, vinyl)
  • Condition of water (cloudly, clear, green, brown, etc)
  • If you are using salt chlorination for your sanitising.

WE ARE OPEN: Wed – Fri 10am to 4:30pm
And Saturday 9:30 am till 1pm.

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